An Interview Featuring Dr. Todd LePine

Dr. Todd LePine is board certified in Internal Medicine with advanced training and experience in Integrative Functional Medicine. Utilizing a variety of scientifically based Integrative Medical approaches, he endeavors to transform and heal both mind and body.

The following quote from his Web site at gives us some insight into his thoughts on Functional Medicine:

Functional Medicine offers a paradigm shift in how we look at "disease" and is defined as "the field of health care that employs assessment and early intervention to improve physiological, emotional/cognitive, and physical function. The focus on "function" in this approach to health is intended to bring questions of purpose and design back into medical practice and to acknowledge that root level, highly interconnected, multi-system imbalances must be transformed to improve and optimize health."

Terry Pollock, a senior clinical consultant at Metametrix Clinical Laboratory, spoke with Dr. LePine after one of his recent lectures at the laboratory. Listen to their conversation and learn Dr. LePine’s approach in his clinical practice, and how he “finds the pieces of the puzzle” while evaluating complex patients with multiple complaints.


Dr. Sinatra is a conventionally trained cardiologist with an emphasis on internal medicine, psychiatry, nutrition, mind-body medicine, and anti-aging medicine. He is one of the few metabolic cardiologists in the country and is renowned for teaching doctors and patients how to effectively treat heart disease by treating the cell.

This interview is an excellent resource for both practitioners of integrative and functional medicine and for patients who want to take part in their own healthcare. Some of the topics covered in this interview are:

• The underlying causes of cardiac disease, chronic fatigue syndrome, and fibromyalgia

• How to explain heart disease to your patients in terms they understand

• How to boost ATP production in your patients and when to use different forms of carnitine

• 4 ways to reduce your cardiovascular disease risk

• Why doctors and patients want to know their lab values for mitochondrial function, inflammation, oxidative damage, dysbiosis, toxicants and food allergies.

This informal interview was recorded February 7, 2008 and is approximately 43 minutes long. Dr. Sinatra gives a compelling and fascinating interview and his enthusiasm is contagious. We think you will be enriched and inspired after listening to this visionary cardiologist explain how to treat the real, complex, causes of disease.


We talk with Dr. Richard Lord of Metametrix Clinical Laboratory and have a Q&A on why GI Effects is unlike any other stool analysis profile and how it goes beyond the standard parameters for identifying gastrointestinal disorders. GI Effects uses DNA analysis to identify microbiota with 100% accuracy, including anaerobes, a previously immeasurable area of the gut environment.

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