Pain In this edition of Clinician’s Corner, Dr. Kara Fitzgerald, ND shares her clinical tools and treatments that have resulted in remarkable improvement for patients who had otherwise given up all hope of getting better. She is interviewed by Cass Nelson-Dooley, MS, a clinical consultant at Metametrix Clinical Laboratory.

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Photo by Migraine Chick

The podcast features the following subjects:

Chapter I: Basics of Treating Pain Patients
At Advanced Diagnostic, Dr. Fitzgerald primarily sees patients with pain syndromes. She discusses testing under a strict budget and how she treats the inflammatory aspects of pain. She emphasizes organic acid testing.
Chapter II: Getting the Upper Hand on Rheumatoid Arthritis
Dr. Fitzgerald tells us about a patient with rheumatoid arthritis who had an amazing turn-around using naturopathic modalities and integrative medical tests.
Chapter III: Don't Overlook Food Intolerances
Dr. Fitzgerald explains how she manages patients with food sensitivities and how food antibodies (IgG4, IgA, and IgE) can be important in clinical cases ranging from dermatitis to fibromyalgia.
Dr. Kara Fitzgerald received her doctorate of naturopathic medicine at the National College of Naturopathic Medicine. She has a clinical practice at Advanced Diagnostic clinic in New Haven, Connecticut. Dr. Fitzgerald is a clinical consultant at Metametrix Clinical Laboratory and a contributing author in Laboratory Evaluations for Integrative and Functional Medicine. Dr. Fitzgerald has given lectures at The Institute of Women’s Health, Autism One, and the Institute for Functional Medicine, among others.
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